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Hello Raider Nation,

       As much of you know by now, with the closing of Harrison High School, my position as your head coach has come to an end with the transitioning of Jon Herstein as the new head coach and the Harrison coaches to North Farmington.  I truly do wish them much success.

       It has been my honor to be your head coach the last two seasons and I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank each and everyone of you.

       All of the following was able to be accomplished in this short period of time and none of this would of even been remotely possible without each and everyone of you.


  • The building of the program from @45 scholar athletes to 75

  • The 21st is state placing of the football program academically last year

  • The paperwork is already submitted for 2018 and I expect the same result

  • The harvesting of the relationship with Warner Middle School and the Vikings

  • The new design of the Raider Helmet and Uniforms

  • The building of the weightlifting program and contributing to its new layout

  •  The implementation this year of a study hall prior to weightlifting after school

  • The success in getting the old lockers put in the field houses

  • The finishing of .500 in our conference

  • The obtaining of a new end zone camera and HUDL sideline equipment

  • The obtaining of new headsets

  • The implementation of a 'closed campus' before our games and movie time

  • The implementation of a pre-game meal for 'all' JV & Varsity Games

       Next year we have 19 returning starters, 9 of which will be three year starters.  When you add in the Harrison players coming over, the North Farmington Football Program is going to be loaded next year and beyond.

      I will take pride in knowing I was part of this.  I will miss all of you.  Thank you again and best wishes.

            Coach Bob Chiesa        'Raider for Life'

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